Psicologia Dinamica - anno 1998


Beyond the dark of depression.
by Alfredo Anania


  1. Introduction
    1.1 "Esoteric" notes
  2. The descent in the Hades
  3. The suicide
    3.1 The self-sacrificial suicide
    3.2 The psyche of the kamikaze
    3.3 Death pulsion, group, drug addiction
  4. Irreparable objects, irretrievable objects
    4.1 Whom is really the suffering?
    4.2 Moral responsibility and depression
    4.3 The lass and the therapist
  5. The pain in the memory
  6. The world of the guilt
  7. Love and capacity to stay alone
  8. An intimate thing

On the cover: "I volti della depressione".



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